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Main Street Financial Life Advisors provides wealth management services, a combination of investment management and financial planning, to meet each client’s and family’s individual needs. We use a customized, relationship-based approach to building wealth management plans. We ask the right questions and listen to ensure we understand your family history and what’s important to you, as well as take into account any sensitive family issues that may affect how you manage your wealth. Our approach has resulted in client relationships that have, in some cases, lasted over 20 years with multiple generations of clients.

We help provide the context for investment management with financial planning that includes understanding and addressing the purpose for your money. Before we create your financial plan, we get to know you, your goals, risk-tolerance level, tax situation, and anything else that will affect your finances. We understand that each client faces a different set of financial challenges, depending on their life stage and personal situation. Once we’ve gained a thorough understanding of your needs and goals, we build a strategic plan that will best serve your objectives, and provide direction for and clarity in all of your financial matters. We will support the goals of your financial plan with comprehensive investment management services, and the investment portfolio we build for you.

Throughout our entire relationship, we continue to be committed to open and ongoing communication. Along the way, we help you address issues that are inherent in accumulating wealth, and require a strategic plan to protect that wealth and your family. Our process helps you meet your goals and pass down your wealth to successive generations. 

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