Meet Harley


As our original Chief Comfort Officer, Harley provided a calm presence and emotional support to our team with her beautiful blue husky eyes, calm demeanor (except when the UPS guy stopped in) and eagerness to interact with everyone (when she wasn’t napping) especially during volatile market days.

Prior to joining Main Street Financial Life Advisors, LLC®, Harley strayed from her prior firm (i.e. owner) due to lack of compensation (i.e. treats) and poor benefits (i.e. lack of toys) and having to sleep on a hard surface. She was found wandering the streets hoping for a better living environment when the Burlington County Animal Shelter picked her up. From there, her furever parents, Joe & Lisa Roman, adopted her in 2019.

Sadly, Harley died suddenly on April 15, 2021. She will forever be remembered as our first CCO.



Favorite food:

Peanut Butter

What motivates you:

Food and belly rubs

Favorite Holiday:

Christmas – Lots of treats and new toys plus the whole family is home to spoil her.

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