Meet Luna

As our newest Chief Comfort Officer, Luna is happy and laid back. She provides our entire team and all visitors with a pleasant greeting and a reason to smile. As a Husky mix, she is clever, endearing and doesn’t bark much so she is the perfect office dog. Luna is happy to come to work and greets everyone with complete joy and a tail-wag. Actually her entire body wiggles when she meets new clients or sees the members of our team.

Prior to joining Main Street Financial Life Advisors, LLC®, Luna lost her way and was rescued from her hometown in Puerto Rico as a stray looking for a furever home. In her search for a cooler environment, she worked her way up to Virginia, then to a Pennsylvania SPCA shelter and eventually to Moorestown, NJ.

When meeting her new parents Lisa and Joe Roman in June 2021, it was love at first sight. She was impoverished after spending many dog days of summer as a street dog but quickly has become a sweet and loving part of our home and office. She is now saving regularly and on her way to a secure and comfortable retirement at some point in the future.